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L’Ambitieux (available in 5 oz. whole bean only)

An ideal blend for drip coffee; balanced and flavourful without being too strong.

Blend: Brazil, Guatemala, Indonesia.

Medium Roast

Double-Dose (available in 5 oz. whole bean only)

A balanced, bold, and versatile blend.

Dark roast (without being black)

Blend: Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya

Kind of coffee

Double-Dose, L'Ambitieux, Double-Dose and L'Ambitieux


5 oz., 5 oz. WHOLE BEANS, 12 oz., 2 bags of 5 oz., 2 bags of 5 oz. WHOLE BEANS, 2 bags of 12 oz., 1 bag of 5 oz. and 1 bag of 12 oz.