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Les amis de la réserve nationale de faune du Lac-Saint-François

Our National reserve

In 1993, the Haut-Saint-Laurent Regional County Municipality created a non-profit organization for the public to discover the treasures of the Lake Saint-François National Wildlife Area.

The Association des membres et amis pour la protection de la Réserve nationale de faune du Lac-Saint-François (AMAPRE), was born of this initiative. Pioneers inspired by the beauty of place such as Gisele Letourneau, John Albrecht, Félix Blackburn, Robert Poupard and Stéphan Landry gave birth to the organization.

The Association was incorporated on April 27, 1993. Since then, under a contract with the Canadian Wildlife Service, which involves several components (monitoring, maintenance, storage, reception, awareness and scientific activities) we assume the management of activities on the reserve.

Financing of the Amis de la réserve is partly provided with an annual grant from the Canadian Wildlife Service, and a combination of grants related to specific projects and the proceeds of our activities.

Board of directors

The administration of the Amis de la Réserve nationale de faune du Lac-Saint-François is managed by a board of directors consisting of nine volunteers from the region.

  • President
    Denis Gervais
  • Vice-President
    Serge Bourdon
  • Treasurer
    Johanne Leduc
  • Secretary
    Erin O’Hare
  • Administrators
    Jean De Marre
    Yves Lalonde
    Curtis Lazore
    André Picard
    Amy Stolecki
  • Coordinator
    Karina LeClair

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