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Les amis de la réserve nationale de faune du Lac-Saint-François

The activities of the National Wildlife Reserve

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On our canoe-kayak, discover and experience the life that lurks in the heart of ecosystems.


Ideal for outdoor excursions with the family, the Rabaska allows you to safely discover the wonders of the reserve.


The National reserve is a protected territory of 14 km2 offering more than 10 km of trails.



The outdoor activities is for the whole family. There you will discover what the National reserve has to offer.

What a bird !

Try to recreate the bird you saw in our trails. Or maybe you could create your own bird !

Guide training

Learn how to be a tour guide at the National Wildlife Reserve of Lake St-François !

The anourans

Discovering the secrets of the Forest Dwellers

Discover the particularities of the Trille-penché trail, where we can find different forms of life and learn more about the great biodiversity of the forest.

Feathers & colors

The great migrants

The insects of the Lake Saint-François National Wildlife Area

Search and find the inhabitants of the marsh

Bare your teeth!

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