On board our crafts, discover and explore the life hidden in the heart of ecosystems.

Iorihonwá:nen enkwahró:ri. Thók nikahá:wi enkwahshennínionte Onerahtohkó:wa Wísk iawenréhaton tsi niió:re ne Kenténha wísk iawenréhaton enhská:ra’ne.

Wathró:ri ne Ioterihwahtenkià:ton

All our guided sea kayaking packages aim for safe practice, the use of recognized techniques endorsed by the FQCK (Québec Federation of Canoeing and Sea Kayaking), as well as the interpretation of the natural environment. Iakwa’nikòn:rare ò:ni aiakhi’nikonhraientáhten ne onkonkwe’ta’okòn:’a tsi niiorihowá:nen ne ionhwentsiananá:wens. Onkwá:wen ranenhrí:ne-tsi niió:re-ronakià:taren sha’tehón:ne akwáh í:ken karihwa’sátste, ia’tewanonhtónnion tsi niwakié:son taká:ri’ne tsi nón:we nikonti:teron ne kariò:ta sanatahré:nen. Our common goal: leave no trace of our passage!


Tóka’ íhsehre ahsaterihwahserón:ni, kí:ken tsi iora’wístonte ia’tsihkwà:rek tsi nón:we nikahiá:ton ne Saterihwahserón:ni ó:nenk Kwahretsiá:rons ohén:ton aontahskwahró:ri tsi tahsenatá:re. To make a reservation, click on the “Book Now” button on this page.


Ratinenhrí:ne Ronthonwahrékhons

  • Ronatehià:ron $20/énska enkahwistà:’eke
  • Ronteweiénstha (18 na’tehononhsriia:kon tanon senha thoti:ions, sahiatonhserá:ien tsi nihsia’tò:ten) $15 nikahwístake ne énska niiohwistà̀:’e.
  • Ken’nithotiiòn:sa (12 tsi niió:re 17 niiohserá:ke nithotí:ions) $15/nikahwístake ne énska enkahwistà:’eke
  • Ratiksa’okòn:’a (6 tsi niio:́re 11 niiohserá:ke nithotí:ions) $10/ énska enkahwistà:’eke
  • Wísk na’tehonohseriiá:kon tánon sénha ken’nithotiiòn:sa í:iah thé:nen thahatikária’ke

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Launching of your personal crafts possible during the organization’s opening hours.


Non-member boat launching fee: $5 per person
Member boat launching fee: $2 per person


Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions regarding our activities.

Please note that your reservation will only be confirmed once we have contacted you via email or phone. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please book the activity of your choice with a notice of 3 to 4 days before your reservation date, so that we can confirm your booking. Without prior notice or confirmation from us, we cannot guarantee your reservation.

Important Information

  • Rain or shine, the activity will take place, so if participants are not present, we retain the deposit.
  • In case of stormy weather or strong winds, the activity may be postponed/cancelled without notice, on-site.
  • In the event that the activity cannot be rescheduled, your deposit will be refunded.