Tsi nontaiohtonhákie tsi Kanenhstá:ton

Our national reserve

Ne Kaniataráhere-Roia’tatokénhti- François Kanakeráhtshera Watatewenni:io Atonhnhéhtshera Tsi Kanenhstá:ton 1978 Rotikwatákwen ne Korahne Watatewenní:io Atonhnhéhtshera Kaia’takehnháhtshera ne Tsi Onhwentsià:te Koráhne aontahatihnhe tekatokénhston ohsha’kentà:ke tánon kanawaién:ton ne Tsiaiontarí:kon, tsi nón:we nikontì:teron tekonttihánion kariò:ta tánon ohnionwara’shòn:’a tánon i:iah akwáh tekontinákere tsi nikontiia’tò:tens. In 1993, the MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent proposed to local residents to create a non-profit organization to introduce the public to the riches of the Lac-Saint-François National Wildlife Reserve.

The Association des membres et amis pour la protection de la réserve nationale de faune du Lac-Saint-François (AMAPRE) was born from this initiative. Pioneers inspired by the beauty of the area such as Gisèle Létourneau, Jean Albrecht, Félix Blackburn, Robert Poupard, and Stéphan Landry founded the organization.

The Association was incorporated on April 27, 1993. Since that date, under a contract with the Canadian Wildlife Service, which covers several aspects (monitoring, maintenance, storage, reception, awareness, and scientific activities), we have been responsible for managing activities on the reserve site.

Funding for the Amis de la Réserve comes in part from an annual grant from the Canadian Wildlife Service, and a combination of grants related to specific projects as well as revenue from our activities.

Iotawenhrá:ton ne áhsen niwáhshen niiohserá:ke