Íhsehre kénh senha e:so ahsheweoientehta’ne tsi nikahwatsirò:ten ne otskwahrhehrokòn:’a.

Iorihonwá:nen enkwahró:ri. Thók nikahá:wi enkwahshennínionte Onerahtohkó:wa Wísk iawenréhaton tsi niió:re ne Kenténha wísk iawenréhaton enhská:ra’ne.

Wathró:ri ne Ioterihwahtenkià:ton

Kí:ken ioterihwahténkion tekaká:nere ne sénha ahonwati’nikonhraientáhten ne rotinatahré:nen tánon ahatinó:ronhkwe ne ohnionwara’shòn:’a sewakié:rens she’s ókia’ke í:iah thahatika’én:ion, tóka’ í:iah tehatiienté:ri. Ionkwahiatonhsera:ien, enkiakhí:ion tsi ní:ioht ronnónhnhe, tsi ratì:teron, tsi ní:ioht tsi nihatikhò:ten tánon karén:na, sha’té:ioht tentewahtharónnion ionahton’onhákie tsi nikontiia’tò:ten wahatitshén:ri ne kanakeráhtshera kariò:ta atonhnhéhtshera tsi kanenhstà:ton


Join us for our presentation covering their reproduction, their place in the food chain, their lifestyle, and their environment in both summer and winter.

The Anurans was created by Environment and Climate Change Canada.


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Important Information

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