The Lac-Saint-François National Wildlife Reserve offers 14 square kilometres of protected territory with over 10 kilometres of hiking trails.

Iorihonwá:nen enkwahró:ri. Thók nikahá:wi enkwahshennínionte Onerahtohkó:wa Wísk iawenréhaton tsi niió:re ne Kenténha wísk iawenréhaton enhská:ra’ne.

Wathró:ri ne Ioterihwahtenkià:ton

Each trail is located in distinct ecosystems, providing you with a glimpse of the area’s rich biodiversity.


Self-guided hiking: Before accessing the trails, we kindly ask you to register at the reception area. This allows us to inform you of the latest news: unusual sightings, trail conditions, hazards, or any other relevant information. We will be able to provide you with helpful advice before embarking on your excursion.


  • Í:iah thé:nen thahskária’ke tsi iohá:te nienhénhse.
  • Ka’nerohkwakehrontónkie iahshwisténhte tsi nón:we ienhsháhara’ne tahsehshwanéta’a ne onkwakióhkwa.
  • È:rhahr enhtshehsá:rine enwá:ton iensheia’tínion’te. Sehià:rak aontahsia’tenhawe tenhshatohtahrho tsi nón:we na’teho’tsiónhston ne satshé:nen è:rhahr.


We offer guided hiking tours with one of our interpreter-guides:


Groups of 1 to 4 people:

  • Children (6 to 17 years old): $6.00/hour
  • Student (18+ with proof of ID): $6.00/hour
  • Adult: $8.00/hour

Groups of 5 people and more:

  • Children (6 to 17 years old): $5.00/hour
  • Student (18+ with proof of ID): $5.00/hour
  • Adult: $7.00/hour


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Important Information

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  • In the event that the activity cannot be rescheduled, your deposit will be refunded.